Huge update

So the game has been under a lot of work lately. I haven't uploaded a new version because I hired a very talented 3D artist. I didn't want to put up a version with his art without paying him first. That being said, I completed the first payment for the assets he created. 

These are the stuff I've added for version 0.4.0:

 - added loot and upgrade system
    - changed arena to be all walls
    - new 3d model for recon
    - new 3d model for grunt
    - new 3d model for demon
    - removed phisical properties of the rocket
    - improved rocket guidance
    - damage now extends beyond combat
    - tweaked physics to make cars faster and more manuverable
    - added incendiary ammo via upgrade
    - added armor recovery via upgrade
    - added ammo recovery via upgrade
    - added main menu
    - added end combat report
    - added garage effects for damaged cars
    - added possibility to delete characters
    - added arena balcony
    - added compass displaying enemies left to win
    - added options menu
    - added tractor beam
    - tweaked all car physics
    - balanced volumes
    - added crowd ambience


MaraudersArena v0.4.0.rar 84 MB
Oct 24, 2017

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